Original total=$101.24, I paid $28!

With Harris Teeter doing Super Doubles this week I knew I needed to take the time to investigate every single deal they had. After three days of planning I took off to Harris Teeter Saturday with instructions to spend no more than $30. By the time I left Harris Teeter I had spent $28, and that’s after I added in a $3.48 sub for lunch!


Milk should have been $2.50…I paid $.50. Ham Steak should have been $3.00…I got both of them ABSOLUTELY FREE!! Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner..originally $4 a piece, I paid $.98 for BOTH, making it less than $.49 per bottle. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner…originally $4, clearanced to $3.11…I paid $.11 for BOTH, making it less than $.06 a piece!! Uncle Ben’s rice..should have been $1 a piece, I got them both FREE!! Welch’s Essentials Juice…on sale 2 for $6…I paid $1.18 for both, making it $.59 a piece. Taco shells…I paid $1.16 for 2, making it $.58 a piece. Crest Toothpaste…FREE…Glide Floss…FREE!!!


This is proof of what I paid..$28.07!!! There is no listing of the original total before coupons, but the following picture shows the amount of coupon savings, to verify that my original total was, in fact, $101.24.


Coupon savings…$73.17..add that to my $28.07 out of pocket, makes the beginning total $101.24


I left out the chemicals and a few other things in the original pic, so I included a quick pick with some of the other grocery items, minus the meats, and the $3 sub I told you I had to add in at the last minute.

I turned a $100 shopping trip into a $28 shopping trip, and it was all possible because of coupons!! So, for anyone who’s skeptical of coupons, here’s your proof. If you use coupons the right way (yes, there’s a wrong way to coupon), if you watch your weekly sales ads, and prepare for your trip BEFORE leaving the house, you CAN have MAJOR savings from coupons!

By kimherbert77

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